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Social Dancing

Social Dancing means dancing at a social event like parties, wedding, etc which is not choreographed for performance but danced for fun and recreation. Something that can be lead and followed with ease and danced with anyone.

The Myth

Lot of us think Partner dance is only possible if its choreographed and can only be danced with the partner you have practiced. You will be happy to know that’s not true. Partner Dance is like a language and that’s what makes it more beautiful. All Major dances like Salsa, Bachata, Jive, Tango, Kizomba, etc are Popular at socials. They are for everyone and not just for performers… With some foundation you will be able to speak this language and dance with anyone who follows the dance in India or anywhere in the world. You just need to Understand the Idea of Lead and Follow, and groove to music. Social dancing is for Everyone You don’t have to be a pro; you can easily get started in a few months.

Benefits of Social Dancing

Dance provides a form of exhilarating exercise combined with the benefit of being able to interact with other people. From dressing up and having fun to being able to overcome shyness and relieve stress. Social Dancing has more benefits than most people would imagine. It allows individuals to experience recreation and entertainment in an entirely new way. Dance also allows people to feel more refreshed and more relaxed

Dance Around the World

Social Dancing (Partner Dance) is a beautiful culture that exists in our city Mumbai and all major cities like Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata… and around the world. There are enough Socials in Mumbai every week to Socialize and Dance. So, Start Learning social dancing today and join the growing Social Dance Community. You don’t need a partner to go to a social or to join a class. See you on the Dance Floor!

Social Dance Festivals

Afro-Latin Dance Festivals are conducted all over the world. You can find a festival happening almost every weekend. Festivals are a good way to travel the world, meet new people and dance everywhere you go.

Next Event in India: GIDC 7 – Goa International Dance Congress

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